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and AGAIN IM TAGGED BY MewLightKitten 

This is never going to end is it XD

1. What is your favorite anime and why?
My Hero Academia - as of why its because the main character really reminds me a lot of myself. Because at first he's getting bullied for being different (Quirkless in his case) But he doesnt give up no matter what. And he chases his dreams with a smile i think that this alone is already a great message. Aside from that i just love the amount of action the ass kicking and i love the characters. especially Todoroki and Deku. XD 

2. How many OCs (Original Characters) do you have?
This is a hard one... uhm theres Jona(TMNT) Satana (Blue Exorcist) Midnight (Soul Eater) Eclipse and some other side ponies (MLP) also got a (RC9GN OC Ruby i think... xD) Sinoh (SWR) Kamiko and Tatsumi (Tokyo Ghoul) Ame Hatake (Naruto NextGen) and im currently working on my hero academia oc. xD (there are also a voltron / sword art online oc somewhere stuck in the creation progress XD) 

But my main oc's are Satana, Midnight, Kamiko/Tatsumi and the Hero academia oc XD

3. What are your favorite ships? 
NALU (NatsuXLucy FairyTail) SoarinxRainbowDash (MLP) AsunaxKirito (SAO) TodoDeku (MHA) i dunno why tho XD 

4. What is your most favorite manga?
My Hero Academia XD It's just never gets boring to read and i really want new episodes XD

5. If you could learn to speak any language fluently, what would you choose and why?
Japanese so i would always have to wait for the subs, than and so if i would go on a holiday to japan i would understand where to find what.. cause my map reading skills are neh xD

6. What is your dream job?
To be an artist or an animator for a anime show on tv. 

7. What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is somewhere where our dogs and cat can join us. XD but i really loved England too (I'm never going to Switserland or anywhere with mountains again) 

8. Do you collect anything?
Pokemon Cards xD and Anime FunkoPops and some TMNT figures xD

9. What is your most prized possession?
My most prized possession uhm XD i think my laptop i dunno xD

10. Would you rather have talent or beauty?
Talent XD ill just make myself beautifull its how im working now anyway XD

11. Are you playing Pokemon GO? If so, what level are you and what team are you on?
Jup im playing it and im on team Mystic with both my sis and dad xD I'm going out hunting everyday (unless i waisted my months wifi XD But no fear XD im getting more of it soon) 
Oh and i'm halfway lv. 20 so lv 21 here i come. 

12. Do you prefer Pokemon or Digimon?
POKEMON!!! (i dont really remember Digimon all too well XD i did watch it in a far past thoXD) 

13. What is your favorite Studio Ghibli movie?
Never seen a studio Ghibli movie XD gommen XD

UGH i really find coming up with questions hard XD.

1. What's you're favorite pokemon game?
2. Do you have any siblings? if Yes how many and well brothers or sisters xD
3. What's you're favorite song?
4. if you could pick one person from an anime to be real who would it be and why?
5. What's you're favorite Anime movie??
6. If you could turn into an animal what animal would it be and why?
7. What's you're favorite manga?
8. How often a day do you get bored?? (I'm bored right now xD) 
9. When it comes to school your the kid who learns a lot, just a bit, or not at all?
10. What is you're least favorite school subject?
11. ever watched an anime or serie that was a complete waist of time?
12. You ever gone to a anime/comic convention?
13. You're the only anime fan in the fam or not?

My questions really start lacking XD
I TAG (the fact that i dont like being tagged doenst mean i dont tag back xD) 
1. :icondarknessdonnie:
2. :icontheratlovercosplay:


Mutant-Girl013's Profile Picture
Roosje Smid
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Real TMNT fangirl, jeah !!!
Total Anime Fan the list of anime is becoming longer and longer, Loves to go to animecons and to cosplay.

Youtuber: Mutant-Girl, Jona Raphael Hamato

oh and Watch my Youtube Channels :D


Jona Raphael Hamato…

Jeah i know two channels, but i had no choice had to because of copyright bla, blah,



Nanbaka cel13 eyes by Mutant-Girl013
Nanbaka cel13 eyes
another eye closeup drawing XD this time of all the Inmates of cel13. 
from top to bottom Inmate nr. 15 Jyugo - Inmate nr. 69 Rock - Inmate nr. 11 Uno - Inmate nr. 25 Nico
Inmate nr 15 - Jyugo by Mutant-Girl013
Inmate nr 15 - Jyugo
Drawing of my favorite Character from Nanbaka Inmate nr 15 - Jyugo :D 
this anime is just so colorfull full of sparkles and hilarious :D 

XD maybe i should add some sparkles we will see XD i just love it Heart Love 
Demon King Lucifer  by Mutant-Girl013
Demon King Lucifer
Here a drawing of my second most favorite character from the Blue Exorcist The Demon King of Light Lucifer. 
I cant wait for the new series thats gonna start in 2017 and i really really really hope that Lucifer's gonna be in it cause he's such a great character. 

So since he's my second favorite character xD Rin's still number one for me Happy Rin 

but well since Lucifer is so underrated in the fandom in wanted to make a drawing of him. 
So here's a drawing of Lucifer without his mask which is very rare for him. XD which is so sad since he's so pretty XD Rin's Happiness 
Haikyuu!! by Mutant-Girl013
I actually wanted to draw Hinata spiking the ball giving him Black Crow wings symbolising how he always seems to fly when he's about to spike a ball.... 
But i got stuck on that one XD still gotta work on my action poses. 

so.... i made a drawing of Hinata and Tobio inspired on one of the scenes from the anime when their standing in a three with each a crow on their shoulders. 
But instead of having crows on their shoulders i gave them crow wings, (i just wanted to draw em with wings dunno why XD) 

heres the result hope you like it. Hinata Jumping Icon Hinata-smile Noya Impressed Icon 

also i waisted an entire day on the damn tree XD trees and backgrounds not my thing XD Kenma Look Away Icon Kageyama Surprised Icon 


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