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no long story just wanted to show some of the MEP Parts i made recently cause i spend more time in drawing that in making a long video so i joined some meps recently, here are my parts.

HERO MEP Death the Kid (Soul Eater) - Rin Okumura (The Blue Exorcist) 

Valentine special - I ship It(I dont like valentines day why did i join this no idea xD) 
Suisei no Gargantia LedoxAmy (This is probably my best Mep ever, but the lyrics total nightmare, hate it as much as drawing hands XD) 

This part will sadly enough not be used in the mep TT^TT did spare my the effort of having to add Lyrics so jess!!!
I just love Assassination Classroom and Karma is so my favorite that i kinda went headong making the video before hearing if i was accepted or not XD
and people Nagisa is a boy (looks like a girl, dresses like a girl once, poor dude XD and Nagisa is a girls name in japan but okay XD) 

and i finished this Mep last night XD 
Villian Mep again the part 11 and 12 thing XD must be my lucky Mep number XD
So i just joined this cause 1 love the song, 2 friend dragged me in Thank you StarWarsR3bels XD 3 CROWLEY EUSFORD!!!
XD i have been dying to make a video with my Owari no Seraph love Crowley Eusford and this was just a little warm up for that. xD
I will make vids with him !!! JESS when i have time... and inspiration.... and when i found a song..... XD

Villian MEP Crowley Eusford Owari no Seraph) - Demon Asura/Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater) 


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Roosje Smid
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Real TMNT fangirl, jeah !!!
Total Anime Fan the list of anime is becoming longer and longer, Loves to go to animecons and to cosplay.

Youtuber: Mutant-Girl, Jona Raphael Hamato

oh and Watch my Youtube Channels :D


Jona Raphael Hamato…

Jeah i know two channels, but i had no choice had to because of copyright bla, blah,



SerVamp Kuro by Mutant-Girl013
SerVamp Kuro
Drawing of the SerVamp of Sloth, Kuro from the new anime SerVamp which i totally love. 
I mean combining a Vampire and a Cat its just so cute, XD Hope you guys like it :D 
Voltron Wizards by Mutant-Girl013
Voltron Wizards
a Drawing based on the Voltron (Harry Potter AU) fanfic called Altea School of WitchCraft and Wizardry 
This one is based of the Paladins in their first year at Altea, so jup i made our paladins all a bit childischer XD i hope i did good was bit hard. 

Since Pidge introduces herself as Katie but tells them to call her Pidge i figured she would wear a girls uniform too so dont argue with that XD 
I also made her hair a mix of Pidge/Katies. 

But here a drawing of our first year Paladin Wizards XD Hope you like it. 
You can read the fanfic here :D…
Keith and Red by Mutant-Girl013
Keith and Red
Here a drawing of Keith and his lion Red, i first drew Red in a smaller robot form but somehow this came out, XD
Keith and Red spending some bonding time together hope you guys like it XD
Vigilante Deku by Mutant-Girl013
Vigilante Deku
A drawing of what i think Izuku looks like in his Black Fox Vigilante suit from the Fanfiction The Thin Gray Line…
Its an amazing fanfiction and i really recommend it. The writer tries to Update the fic every Sunday so there will be much more to read soon. 

Hope you guys like it :D 
Galra keith  by Mutant-Girl013
Galra keith
I said it before but i just love Voltron Legendary Defenders, and Keith is my favorite by far and i love the theories of him possible beign half Galra, So i couldnt recist to draw him like that, and damn i had so much fun drawing this xD The cute annoyed Keith with the adorable ears. and i even came up with a dialoge. With daddy Shiro and of course Lance not missing this chance to tease Keith xD 

Shiro: How long has he locked himself up in there now?
Pidge: about an hour i think, 
Lance: Oh come on Keith show that ugly smug of yours. 
Keith: Get Lost Lance! I'm not coming out! he shouts from the other side of the door. 

Allura: Lance!
Lance: Oh come on, you didnt really expect me not to joke about th.. auch Pidge. 
Lance looked down at Pidge who had hit him in the ribs with her ellbow. 

Hunk: Keith we really didnt meant to react like that this morning Come on out now, 
Pidge: I dont think he's gonna come out. 
Allura: Keith were sorry, we all feel bad about how we reacted, it just supriced us thats all. And we get that its hard on you.

Shiro: Alluras right, we just need to get used to it. all of us, 

It wasnt long till they heard footsteps coming towards the door as Keith opened the door. 
Revealing Keith who now had purple ish skin and Purple hair instead of black as two soft purple ears poked out between his hair as he held them down. 

Lance: You know Purple really suits you.. Dah! 
Hunk: It looks cool if you ask me, 
Keith: I dunno guys..
Shiro: It doesnt change who you are, (shiro said placing a hand on his shoulder) and think about it. It could even improve your fighting. 

Allura: Shiro's right, Galra are very strong it could come in very handy during our missions. 
Pidge: Jeah think about the infiltrations we could do now, and you can enter in their system without a problem. Pidge said adjusting her glasses a bit as she looked up at Keith. 

Keith: I guess you're right... he said twitching his ears a few times as he looked to his other side.  Lance what are you doing. 
Lance: I wanna touch them, they look so fluffy but you just cant keep them still for a second can you. Lance said as he tried to grab one of Keith's ears as it twitched away again. 
Hunk: Stop it Lance. Hunk said trying to slap his hand away. 
Lance: Oh come one, you wanna feel those things too,  I guess you'll also need a bigger helmet now. he said teasing. 
Keith: Stop it Lance.  "before i'll make you lose that finger of yours."


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